“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffett

Robert Fox


o see the real value of a business, you need to look beyond the financial statements. Since RAF’s founding in 1979, we’ve taken a long-range perspective — acquiring and investing in solidly performing companies nationwide, led by owners with unique vision and strong ethics. That’s the kind of company that provides the greatest opportunity for successful development over time.

Development is our business at RAF – not buying and selling, but building. We seek to keep former owners actively involved, offering incentives to foster their entrepreneurial spirit. With our resources and strategic planning, we enhance company operations in a truly cooperative manner, allowing each business to achieve excellence. Because RAF invests its own money using long-range vision, we can focus on the culture of our businesses. We identify a company’s driving force, then help foster substantial growth through our experience, consistency in management and valuable new perspectives. RAF’s ultimate goal is not a predetermined rate of return, but the development of world-class companies.

Our bottom line is people – people of the highest caliber. From our corporate staff to the former company owners, we build honest relationships with a shared commitment to success. At RAF, the most valuable deal is not a one-way investment of capital. It is a mutual investment of confidence, respect and the desire for success over many years to come.

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